Meal Planning for a Busy Week

Ever since I joined Tone It Up and started my fitness journey I have tried to meal prep every Sunday. I will be honest that I get busy and it doesn’t happen. I know this simple task can help set me up for success during the week. It definitely takes some practice to figure out what works best for you. Since I work from home, I have learned that I don’t need to prep any dinner foods, but breakfast and lunch are super easy. Here are some tips for meal planning for a busy week.

Meal Planning for a Busy Week

1. Breakfast

- Mini egg mcmuffins or breakfast muffins are easy to prep and grab on the go for those mornings when you are in a rush

2. Lunch

- Prep your salads on Sunday and just wait on adding the dressing until right before you eat. Using mason jars is amazing! Just put all the toppings in first, then add your greens on top to avoid them getting soggy

3. Chop All Your Veggies

- One of the most time consuming parts of cooking is the chopping. Whatever you are having during the week, chop as many vegetables as you can before hand to save you time.

4. Get Organized

- Not only do I plan out my meals ahead of time, but I write them down so It's never a question of what I am making for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It also allows me to think ahead and if I need to put something in the crockpot or pull something out of the freezer ahead of time

5. Sip, Sip, Sip

- Keep a large pitcher of water in the fridge infused with lemon, berries and mint for a refreshing twist to stay hydrated throughout the week

6. Prep Your Protein

- If you like to add chicken to your salads or any other kind of protein, you can cook it ahead of time to add into your meals throughout the week

xo, kaylee

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